Honouring 90 years of Policing in Maldives: A Visual Journey

30 Mar 2023

As Maldives Police Service celebrates its 90th Anniversary, we take a moment to reflect on the rich history and dedicated service of our police officers. For 90 years, Maldives Police Service has been an integral part of our nation's progress and development, serving and protecting our communities with distinction.


To commemorate this milestone, Maldives Police Service is proud to present a unique collection of photos that capture the evolution of policing in Maldives over the past nine decades. From the early days of law enforcement to the present day, these photos showcase the tireless efforts and sacrifices of our police officers and staff.



The collection of photos highlights the growth and modernization of the Maldives Police Service. We see the progression of uniforms, vehicles, and equipment as they adapted to meet the changing needs of the community. The photos also provide a glimpse into the daily life of police officers and staff, depicting moments of remembrance, and dedication to the community.


As we look through these photos, we can't help but feel a sense of pride and gratitude towards our police service. The collection reminds us of the invaluable contributions made by the men and women in blue, who have worked tirelessly to make the Maldives a safer place to live.


We invite everyone to join us in honouring the legacy of the Maldives Police Service and celebrating their contributions to the nation. Let's take a moment to appreciate the 90 years of service and sacrifice that have gone into making the Maldives Police Service the exceptional organization it is today.


As we celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Maldives Police Service, let us remember and honour the contributions made by our police officers and staff over the past 90 years. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have served and continue to serve in the Maldives Police Service. Here's to another 90 years of dedicated service and progress for the Maldives Police Service.