Omadu Police Station Holds Information Session to Educate Parents on Preventing Cyber Crimes

23 May 2023

In an effort to protect children from the dangers of cybercrimes, the Maldives Police Service conducted an informative session at Omadu School. Parents were given crucial information on how to keep their children safe while using the Internet.


During the session, parents were advised to closely monitor their children's activities on popular platforms such as Facebook, Viber, and Snapchat. These platforms are commonly used by children and can potentially expose them to online risks.


Furthermore, parents were encouraged to exercise full control over their children's phones or tablets, restricting access to age-inappropriate applications. It was emphasized that maintaining vigilance and setting specific usage times can effectively protect children from potential harm.


The information session highlighted the various ways in which children can be exposed to crimes through the internet. Parents were educated on safe internet practices and given guidance on being role model parents. The role of parents in ensuring their children's online safety was emphasized.


The session, held on 18th May 2023, witnessed a significant turnout of parents. The initiative by the Omadu Police Station aims to empower parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their children from cybercrimes, fostering a safer digital environment for the younger generation.


The Maldives Police Service remains committed to raising awareness and actively working with the community to combat cybercrimes and safeguard the well-being of children in the digital age.