Interpol Secretary General visits Maldives

11 Aug 2023

Male’, August 9, 2023 - On August 9, 2023, Jürgen Stock, the Secretary General of INTERPOL, embarked on his inaugural official visit to the Maldives, marking a pivotal moment in international police cooperation. Accompanied by INTERPOL’s esteemed Strategy and Policy Advisor, Mrs Maria Berger, Stock engaged in a series of high-level discussions with key Maldivian figures, aiming to foster stronger ties and propel global security measures forward.


During his stay, Secretary General Stock held significant meetings with prominent figures in the Maldives, including Mohamed Hameed, Commissioner of Police and Head of INTERPOL NCB Male’, at the Maldives Police Service (MPS) Headquarters. This strategic occasion served as an opportunity to extend gratitude to INTERPOL for its unwavering commitment to bolstering the capacities of smaller nations like the Maldives, an effort that enhances the nation’s law enforcement capabilities and contributes to worldwide security.


A notable highlight of the visit was Secretary General Stock's visit to the National Central Bureau Male’ (NCB Male’), where he gained firsthand insights into the tools and the IT infrastructure utilized by NCB Male’ officers. The discussions illuminated the potential for further collaboration between INTERPOL and MPS, fortifying the Maldives’ active participation in the global police community. In a separate meeting with MPS executives, Secretary General Stock received an overview of the remarkable progress achieved by MPS & NCB Male’ in recent years, propelled by INTERPOL’s generosity.


Continuing his diplomatic endeavors, Secretary General Stock paid a respectful visit to His Excellency, Vice President Faisal Naseem, to deliberate on the successful partnership between the Maldives and INTERPOL since the nation’s affiliation in 1984. The integration of INTERPOL databases with national repositories, notably in the domain of border control, has yielded a substantial boost to the country’s border security. Moreover, the Maldives' enthusiastic involvement in joint INTERPOL operations and its consistent participation in capacity-building initiatives have proven instrumental in nurturing both local and global safety.



A symbol of commemoration, the year 2023 marks a century of INTERPOL’s dedication to creating a secure world through police collaboration. In line with this milestone, Secretary General Stock took part in a unique dive event on August 10, 2023, alongside officers from MPS and pertinent law enforcement agencies. Underwater, officers skillfully unfurled INTERPOL’s centennial banner, a remarkable gesture that reaffirms the Maldives’ unwavering commitment to fostering international police cooperation and championing INTERPOL's overarching vision.



As the visit concluded, Secretary General Stock expressed his heartfelt gratitude on behalf of INTERPOL to the Maldives’ law enforcement community for their persistent dedication to the organization’s operations. The visit not only fortified existing bonds but also set a strong foundation for continued collaboration in the pursuit of global security and stability.