Marine Police Rescue 13 Individuals from Dangerous Waters near GDh Atoll

02 Mar

In a rescue operation, the Marine Police successfully saved 13 individuals, including 10 Russian nationals, from waters near GDh Atoll today.

A Marine Police launch en route from Fuvahmulak spotted two individuals in distress near GDh Gan. Further inquiries revealed that additional divers had been swept away by strong currents.

Swift action ensued as the Marine Police initiated a search and rescue operation, rescuing all 13 individuals, including four instructors, from the turbulent waters. They were safely transported to GDh. Gaddhoo without any reported casualties.

The Maldives Police Service extends its gratitude to the Marine Police for their courageous efforts in averting a potential disaster. This incident serves as a reminder to all divers and beachgoers to exercise caution, remain vigilant of changing tides and currents, and adhere to safety guidelines to ensure their well-being.