Maldives Police Service Reforms Administrative Structure to Meet Strategic Goals

30 Jun


To align with its strategic plan for the next four years, the Maldives Police Service (MPS) has announced a comprehensive reform of its administrative structure, effective July 1.


The reforms introduce 17 divisions at the command and directorate level, including specialized units and local policing regions. Key additions include Gang Crime Enforcement and Digital Data and Technology, established at the command level. These additions aim to significantly reduce gang-related offenses and drive the institution towards a data-driven and modern approach.


A dedicated Policing Command has been established to enhance law enforcement in Hulhumale, ensuring proper and efficient policing services. Additionally, an Anti-Scam Center has been formed to handle scam-related cases, and new Traffic Police Departments have been established in Malé and Hulhumale to improve road safety.


The reformed structure aims to significantly improve policing services by appointing Heads of Commands, Directorates, and Departments based on their educational and training backgrounds. This restructuring also enhances the police governance framework, ensuring that services are institutionalized and more efficient.


A key element of the MPS strategic plan is establishing a rapid and reliable service system, aiming to deliver timely and effective responses to the community's needs.


With these changes, the Maldives Police Service is poised to become a more modern, data-driven, and community-focused institution, committed to maintaining public safety and trust.