Swimming Program in Addu City, Hulhumeedhoo Concludes

04 Jul

The closing ceremony of the swimming program in Addu City, Hulhumeedhoo, took place yesterday, marking the successful conclusion of an initiative aimed at promoting swimming skills and water safety within the local community. The ceremony was honoured by Chief Guest Aminath Zeeniya, Principal of S. Atoll School.


Running from June 12 to July 2, 2024, the program attracted participants aged 9 to 40. A total of 56 individuals enrolled, with 37 successfully completing the program and meeting the required standards.



The program was led by Senior Sergeant Mohamed Ali Didi, a swimming instructor from the National College of Policing and Law Enforcement. The program focused on enhancing swimming techniques, building endurance, and instilling a strong understanding of water safety protocols.


The program was conducted in cooperation with the Staff of Hulhumeedhoo Police, Gan Police, Hithadhoo Police, Fuvahmulah City Police, and officers from SO Addu City Deployment.


The police continue to conduct various programs for the community, including schoolchildren, parents, teachers, and institutional employees.