Crime Prevention Awareness Programs Held in Th. Buruni and Guraidhoo

04 Jul

The Maldives Police Service conducted Crime Prevention Awareness Programs in Th. Atoll Buruni and Guraidhoo from July 1 to 2. These initiatives aimed to educate the community and business owners about current crime trends and effective prevention measures.


On July 1, officers from the Buruni Police Post visited places where the public congregate to share information about ongoing crime trends and scams. They emphasized the importance of taking precautionary measures to safeguard against these crimes and provided guidance on the safe use of social media to enhance community safety and prevent criminal activity.


Officers from the Guraidhoo Police Station visited various businesses in Guraidhoo. They engaged with business owners, discussing the latest crime trends and offering practical advice on protecting their establishments. The officers provided detailed information on preventing scams, identifying red flags, and steps to take if targeted by scammers. They also shared tips on preventing theft, such as improving security measures and staying vigilant.


These programs reflect the MPS's commitment to enhancing community safety through proactive crime prevention and awareness efforts. By educating residents and business owners, the police aim to reduce crime rates and enhance the overall security of the islands.