Domestic Violence

If any of these apply to you, CALL 119 IMMEDIATELY! We will assist you. 

- The incident of domestic violence is happening now 

- Some one is injured or in imminent threat of physical harm 

- Children are witness to the incident 


What is domestic violence? 

Domestic violence is any type of harm, or threat of harm posed upon on a person or property by someone in a relationship. Such relationships include: 

- Family 

- Spousal - current and previous 

- Intimate Relationships 

- Care takers 


Types of domestic violence Domestic 

violence does not always result in bodily harm or injuries. It includes all types of abuse or intimidation as well as neglect of one's own responsibilities. The following are some types of domestic violence and abuse. 

- Physical abuse 

- Damage to property 

- Verbal abuse 

- Sexual abuse 

- Intimidation and harassment 

- Financial abuse 

- Threatening to do any of the above 


How to report domestic Violence 

To report an incident of domestic violence please use our contact numbers below. 

In case of emergency CALL 119 

Non emergency incidents CALL 332 2111 

Family and Child Protection numbers CALL 300 0600 CALL 979 0163 

Domestic violence cases can be reported to Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services CALL 332 8393 Child Helpline CALL 1412


What we will ask about When investigating domestic violence or abuse cases

Police will generally seek information regarding these area. 

- Facts of the incident - History of previous incidents 

- The relationship between both parties 


What we will need When responding to a domestic violence incident

Police may require you to produce or collect any of the following. 

- A victim statement 

- Facts to establish relationship 

- Bodily fluid or other samples 

- Photographs of the scene 

- Witness information 


What to expect from reporting a domestic violence incident 

We will provide victims with all reasonable care and protection relevant to the nature of the domestic violence incident. This may include: 

- assistance with medical care 

- assistance in obtaining a protection order 

- relocation of victim 

- arrest of the suspect 

- prosecute the suspect 


Other resources 

Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services 

Family and Children's Service Centers

Family Protection Authority